Bird's Nest / Edible Birdnest - VHM Certification from Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia


The VHM (Veterinary Health Mark) Certificate is a symbol of quality awarded to the livestock product processing plant under the Veterinary Inspection and Accreditation Program Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia. The VHM Certification also showed that those processing plants has fulfill the Minimum Standard Requirement for "Hygiene and Sanitation", "Quality Assurance and Food Safety" that was set by DVS and confirmed by plant inspection which highlighted more to "Food Safety and Quality System" also "Good Manufacturing Practice Programs".

Sai Kim Edible Birdnest processing plant obtained VHM certification at September 2012, this VHM certification showed our processing plant fulfill all the food safety requirement set by Department Of Veterinary Services, Ministry Of Agriculture Malaysia. With this VHM certificate, Sai Kim able to obtain edible birdnest export permit to China.


VHM Malaysia fro Birdnest Processing Plant
VHM Certificate from DVS, Malaysia.