Products & Services

Sai Kim provides following products and services;

Retailing Of Birdnest


Edible Birdnest
Sai Kim Birdnest
Sai Kim Birdnest


Welcome to visit our retail shop at Bandar Bukit Puchong. Click Location to know our address and location.

Wholesales and Export


Sai Kim Birdnest
Unprocessed Birdnet - Less Feather

We export various types of birdnest to Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We sell two of edible birdnest as following;

  1. Raw Uncleaned Edible Birdnest
  2. Raw Clean Edible Birdnest


HACCP Certified Edible Birdnest Processing Service



Sai Kim obtains HACCP certificate from Ministry Of Health, Malaysia. We are the first edible birdnest processing factory obtain this certificate from Ministry Of Health. The harvested bird's nest consisted of sand, feathers, egg shell and other impurities. The process of cleaning birdnest involves picking of feathers (or other impurities), shaping and freeze drying. Finally, purified and dried bird's nest was obtained. We provide birdnest cleaning services.

Edible Birdnest Export & Import Service

We provide one stop edible birdnest export services, we can help you to export edible birdnest to Hong Kong and China. Out services including, obtain of all necessary export document from local authority, transportation, help you to do custom clearance in China, and finally send your edible birdnest to your customers.

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