Types Of Bird's Nest


They are actually the saliva nests constructed by esculent swiftlets that are native in Thailand, Indonesian, Malaysia and south of China. According to the environment in which the bird's nests are formed, they can be classified into cave nest and house nest.

Bird's nest sold in the market are classified into different grades according to their shapes. Premium whole white bird's nest, whole "bloody" bird's nest, whole bird's nest and bird's nest strips are first-grade. Bird's nest shreds, bird's nest in compact cake or ball forms; and bird's nest fragments receive a lower grading.

Although bird's nests are classified into different grades, their nutrition values are almost same. From modern medical point of view, bird's nest are rich in proteins and amino acids, which serve to treat malnutrition, gastric ulcer, anemia, heart failure and coarse skin. While from the Chinese medical point of view, bird's nest nourish the whole body, improve skin texture, strengthen the Spleen and benefit the Stomach. Besides, research points out that bird's nest produce hormones that speed up cell division. Hence they encourage cell regeneration and immune response triggered by T-cells.

Types Of Bird's Nest according to environment;

1. Cave Nest



Cave Nest - Cave Nest is found in caves, the coulour is yellow or gray with a firm texture. We can get cave nest in Sabah and Sarawak.

2. House Nest




Found under the beams of houses purposely build for the swiftlets, they have regular edges and are white in colour. There aren't many fine feathers and there isn't any impurity. They are looser, softer and smoother in texture.

Types Of Bird's Nest according to shape;

1. Whole Bird's Nest



2. Bird's Nest Strips


Incomplete bird's nests that cannot be made into half-bowl shape are pressed into strip.

3. Broken Bird's Nest


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